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About Us

Vestin was founded by industry experts who believed there was a disconnect between the access investors had to markets and information, and the access institutions enjoyed.

With combined experience of over 100 years, Vestin is well placed to provide you with investments, trade ideas and education in a simplified format.

In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), investors have sought to take a more active role in managing their investments. Vestin fills the needs of these self-directed investors by harnessing our considerable experience to deliver a range of relevant financial products, and education to manage their investment portfolios.

Whether you’re an investor looking for market leverage, or one looking to preserve capital and manage risk, Vestin has the capabilities and the expertise to help.


Thomas Schwager


Thomas Schwager is a financial advisor, public speaker and educator, determined to help everyday Australian’s obtain the best possible financial advice for themselves and their families.


Graeme Brant


Graeme Brant has over 28 years of investment banking and derivatives structuring experience, specialising in the creation of structured investment products for both wholesale and retail investors. Read More...


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