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Investment strategies: getting more investment power

Talk to a investment professional, and they’ll tell you the secret to successful long term investment is to diversify. Protect existing assets, but also include higher return financial products.

It’s tempting to be cautious when investing. You don't want to risk the assets you’ve built so successfully. But history shows that volatile markets bounce back. You don't want your assets stuck in low-performing cash, bonds or property when there are bigger returns to be had.

By placing a little of your funds in a leveraged product, you keep the bulk of your assets safe - without missing out on the boost that a rising sharemarket provides.

A product such as Pivot from Vestin allows you to take a small part of your capital (typically 10-15%) to borrow more funds - giving you more investment power. So, $10,000 would give you $100,000 to invest. The more you invest, the greater the potential returns.

If the investments you choose fail to provide a return - or even drop - all you risk is your $10,000. If they go up, of course, then you reap the rewards.

Talk to us about our smart financial product or to your financial advisor about your overall investment strategy.