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Vestin was founded with a belief that all investors, not just institutions, should have access to the very best information, resources and financial products. Our Investment Strategy section provides insights to help you better understand your investment options, the pitfalls and opportunities, and where you can access products that help you invest more wisely. If you would like to know more about any issues, or have ideas about topics for discussion.

Baby Boomers could drive the S&P 500 higher

Baby Boomers could drive the S&P 500 higher A common and pretty successful rule of thumb over the last few decades has been to buy what baby boomers are buying: from durable goods, cars, apparel and housing to today’s income generating investments. Aging demographics, not just in the US but across most developed economies, suggest a seismic shift in investor portfolio holdings may be underway… Against this backdrop, there is a good case to be made that equities in the

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4 reasons why the market fell (Video Blog)

Like Australia, many global equity markets have taken a turn downwards, with the falls in the markets closely linked to the rise of the US Dollar. However, the S&P500 and Nikkei 225 have bucked this trend to hold up pretty well during September.

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How long will my retirement savings last

How long will my retirement savings last This terrific animated video from Wealth Know How illustrates for a balance of $500,000 how long you can expect your retirement savings to last depending on how much you will spend. The assumptions behind the video is that your initial retirement saving is $500,000 the retirement savings are earning 8% p.a. and that the cost of living is running at 3% p.a. By using simple multiplication to work out how long your retirement’s savings

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Currency markets heat up (Video Blog)

Two events are set to grab the most attention this week – the outcome of the US Federal Reserve’s policy meeting and the referendum on Scottish independence. Both are important for currency markets, which is where most of the action has been taking place recently.

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Global Growth & Global Brands

Investing in the companies providing the products and services we use on a daily basis is not uncommon; think ANZ, CBA, Westfield, Woolworths etc… When we stop and think about our daily lives, there are a lot of activities where the products or services being used are actually provided by global companies listed in the US market that comprise the S&P 500® index. When you look at the performance of the S&P/ASX 200™ (McGraw Hill) on your computer (Apple /

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Dow v SP500 – Whats the difference

The US Equity Market – what’s the difference between the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P500 Indices? In 2014 both the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P500 index have reached new highs. We hear about both of these indices in reference to the US equity market, so what’s the difference between them? Both of these indices comprise large publicly traded US companies. Most market commentators are talking about the Dow Jones index when they say “the market” is up

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September setback? (Video Blog)

As the northern hemisphere enjoyed its summer holidays, markets hotted up with global equities rallying in August.  But as the north returns to work – including the central banks – we wonder if volatility will return during September.

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White Paper – Why a material international market exposure

Why a material international market exposure with little capital outlay may be the boost your portfolio needs The ASX 200 index continues to be dominated by our big banks and resources companies, while some of the fastest growing global sectors have little or no weighting in this index. The hunger for franked dividends is often cited as the reason why so many portfolios are overweight Australian stocks, as compared to the weighting of the Australian equity market in a global

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