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Vestin was founded with a belief that all investors, not just institutions, should have access to the very best information, resources and financial products. Our Investment Strategy section provides insights to help you better understand your investment options, the pitfalls and opportunities, and where you can access products that help you invest more wisely. If you would like to know more about any issues, or have ideas about topics for discussion.

Property: building a successful investment portfolio

Property: building a successful investment portfolio Australians love their property. And it’s a love affair that never seems to end. For many, owning property is the ultimate investment. In many ways, that’s right. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Residential Property Price Index rose 9.3% in the December 2013 quarter. Whilst no investment is ever certain – 2011 saw a dip in house prices – property just keeps going up and up in value. So why wouldn’t

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Quarterly update March 2014

Quarterly update March 2014 It was a mixed quarter for global markets. Whilst Australia and the US posted positive gains, many Asian markets were down as concerns about Chinese growth reverberated around the region. The troubles in Ukraine continued to weigh on European markets but were largely ignored by local equities and bonds. Australia’s performance vs the world Despite concerns about China and the situation in Ukraine, the Australian market managed to push ahead during the quarter with the All

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Australian Dollar back in the limelight (Video Blog)

Last week was all about the rise of the Australian Dollar and pull back in tech stocks in the US. Let’s look at the Australian Dollar; this reached a new four-month high last week. Many commentators put the rise down to the possibility of China stimulus — we think there is a lot more to the story. In our view, a number of interrelated factors are contributing to the rise.

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